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I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

The Gospel of John #4

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Psalm 139

John 12:20-36

John 13:18-30

Jesus made several, “I’m telling you now...” statements (or similar statements), that are recorded in the Gospels. Several are in the book of John. Jesus said to his disciples, “I’m telling you now, before it happens, so you won’t be surprised… I’m telling you now, so that you may believe, when it comes to pass.”

In other words, Jesus had foreknowledge of things to come. It’s a mark of his divinity.

And in light of that divine foreknowledge, Jesus was trying to express to his disciples, that he knew what lie ahead. In fact, in our scripture lesson for today, Jesus explained that he would in fact die, the way he would die, and that the purpose of his death was for God’s glory. And from that point on, Jesus shared with his disciples the details surrounding his death and his resurrection, in order that they would not be caught off-guard, and so they would believe when they saw these things take place.

Of course, Jesus’ disciples didn’t understand everything that Jesus was telling them, everything he had talked with them about... or everything He had shared with them… at least when he said it. He was offering his disciples crucial information... information that they needed advance… so that their faith would survive the trauma, the tragedy, the separation, that Jesus knew his death would bring.

Jesus was aware that his disciples would remember his words later, and they would find comfort, hope and perseverance in those words.

And that’s exactly what happened: after Jesus resurrection his disciples recalled what he said and believed the scripture (we’re told), because of the words Jesus is spoken. (John 2:22). Jesus was basically giving his disciples a guide... or a map... to follow, and recognize, as they lived as his disciples without this physical presence.

Most people no longer use physical, printed maps before heading out to travel. Back in the day, we’d sit down, before a trip, and “map it out” (with a State Highway map or Atlas) - wouldn’t we? Now we tend to rely on technology... like Siri, or Google - Tammy and I tend to use an app called WAZE, to tell us how to get where we’re going and what to expect along the way.

Of course, these apps and devices are limited... they can tell us how to get where we’re going, and to a degree they can share with us some valuable information (like reported road hazards and construction zones)... but they can’t see the future. They’re all... even the ones that tell us about accidents, and offer alternative routes... they’re all responsive to what HAS already happened... not what will happen. And, as a result, they sometimes lead us down the wrong path.

I watched a YouTube video that originally aired on “Good Morning America” that reported a woman was following the directions on her GPS device... when suddenly... and unexpectedly... she found herself (and her car) sinking beneath 39-degree water. The particular app she was following lead her down a boat ramp - and before she had time to even react... her car was sinking. She wasn’t injured (thank God), but she did learn that technology can fail us! Just like other things of this world fail us... they don’t always work right, or deliver on their promises. And they certainly don’t always lead us along the right way...

Jesus is not like the things of this world...

Jesus knows the way... because he is the Way. We can trust Christ in every single area of our lives. The old hymn says, “many things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand... but I know Who holds tomorrow, and I know Who holds my hand.”

We can trust our unknown future, to a known God - we can trust Jesus.

In theological terms, it’s called sovereignty. Christ is over all things... he has the final say... and the ultimate knowledge of all things. God has numbered the hairs on our head... he knows us better than we know ourselves. And nothing surprises God. He’s never caught off guard... never lacking. He knows our steps before we take them, and our thoughts before we think them.

There are so many things about our current life that are confusing... and worrisome. I’m honestly concerned about the future. I’m concerned about our health... our economy. I’m concerned about the future of the church. We’re struggling... having found ourselves treading water (so to speak) trying to stay afloat in a world that seems determined to drown us! The world has led us down the wrong path... a path of disease, and discomfort, and death.

But even though Jesus faced this very same world... and he even knew where that world would lead him (and who would betray him), he didn’t try to stop any of it, did he!?

Jesus was the embodiment of the Sovereign God... and he knew that God’s Will trumps sinful choices... and that the predetermined plan, that was set in motion before the foundation of the world, would come to pass.

We can trust God to be sovereign over all the things that cause us fear, and worry, too. For the Gospel truth is this:

Jesus knows every detail of our lives! He knows our “lying down, and rising up” - he knows our “comings and goings” and he’s acquainted with “all our ways.”

Yet, he also knows His future plans for us... as the Prophet Jeremiah reminds us, God knows the plans, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (29:11)

And Christ is in the process of weaving it all together for our good... and His glory.

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