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"Do You Not Know?"

“Do You Not Know?”

Psalm 121

Isaiah 40:21-26

Isaiah 40:27-31

Everything that matters in this life… is a gift from God. From the Creator, and maker of all things. Don’t you just love the way Isaiah unfolds God’s Word? “Do you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been told you from the beginning?” Kinda sounds like a parent, who’s had to repeat themselves too many times!

God not only created… but is creating! The One who not only brought the world into existence… but established the nations and exercises authority over the rulers of the earth… remains in control of the world and its affairs.

Sometimes we’re all dumbfounded by the condition of the world around us. It often seems as if things are spiraling out of control... and like the end of all things must be near! We become fearful and discouraged and, sometimes, lose hope.

But in spite of such concerns: God’s people are called to be fearless… not to worry, or be dismayed...

Look up... into the heavens… the sun, the moon, the stars of the night sky… billions upon untold billions strong… and all accounted for. Still in their place… shining their glory to the Lord.

The everlasting God, seated upon His throne before the foundations of the earth… doesn’t measure things like we do. God holds the waters of the earth in the palm of his hand… the whole of the universe measured off by the breadth of his hand! He doesn’t count time by clocks or calendars, with minutes hours, days, or even years. But with God, “one day is as a thousand years, a thousand years as a day.”

You and I can only see the moment, our present reality and circumstances… But God sees the whole, yesterday, today and forever. “It’s not that the Lord is slow in keeping his promise, as some suppose…” (2 Peter 3:9). Time is not a constraint to God. We need to remember that, and take comfort in that.

It’s also comforting to know, and understand that the Creator, God, is at work in the world around us. He doesn’t grow tired, or weary. He’s not ignorant of our needs, nor deaf to our prayers. God is still in the process of molding us making us into what he would have us be. In other words, he’s not finished with us yet. The very same God who spoke the heavens into existence... Who hung the stars in the heavens is still in the business of creating.

All of this means that you and I have no need to fear the present, nor the future. We’re often foolish, and we spend the majority of our life in weakness… like God’s people of Isaiah’s time, we complain… we think God is hiding… he’s disregarded our concerns. But the immortal, invisible, creator, God, is living, he’s wise, he is strong – and he’s still in control.

When Isaiah tells us that God doesn’t grow faint, or weary… he’s telling us something that’s very important. It’s something we know... we’ve heard it... but we sometimes need reminding:

God is not like us. Because we certainly grow tired and weary right. But not God… in fact, God is our source of strength in our weariness and distress. And the same power used to create the heavens and the Earth, is it work in your life and in my life. The very same power that “came upon” a virgin, and led to the birth of the Messiah... and the very same power that enabled our Lord to walk on water, to feed the multitudes, to raise the dead, and heal the sick, and forgive the unforgivable: the very same strength that empowered Jesus to walk out of tomb, is at work in you and me. Through Christ.

In our unrighteousness, Christ is our righteousness. And in our foolishness, Christ is our wisdom. When we find ourselves in bondage, Christ is our freedom. When we’re cast down, Christ lifts us up. When we are weary, Christ refreshes our souls. When we hurt, Christ heals.

His completed work upon the cross has made away for you, and for me to experience life, true life, abundant life, eternal life! Even when we were dying, Christ rose for you, and for me. Revealing his omnipotent power over the whole of creation, including death.

So, as Gods people, rejoice! Never lose heart! From age to age, from everlasting to everlasting, God hears the cries of his people, and gives strength to those who are weak. And it may seem at times like you and I are on our own… But it only seems that way.

Hold fast to Christ, cling to God. He himself will strengthen you, and help you. Through the power of his presence in your life, he gives each of us the ability to endure, to stand in the midst of trials. And all the while he strengthens our faith, our hope, and our love… As we continue to seek him with all of our heart… Desiring him above all others.

As you and I wait on the Lord, as we wait on his timing… and as we actively seek his will… He gives us his Word - packed with promises… reminding us time and again, that we will never walk this life alone. He’s always with us, comforting us, strengthening us, carrying us through all the various situations of this life.

Footprints in the Sand...

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been told you from the beginning?” Those who put their hope in him find renewed strength. We find that even when life is weighing us down… in Christ we can spread our wings and soar… We can run and not grow weary… We will walk and not faint.

Trust in God. Trust the promises of God in Christ. And may “the peace of God, which passes all understanding, guard your hearts in your mind in Christ Jesus.”


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