Surrounded by Encouragers

Surrounded by Encouragers Philippians 3:10-14 Hebrews 12:1-3 Anyone in sports (regardless to whether they’re an athlete, fan, coach or commentator) can testify to the reality of “home field” advantage. And it doesn’t really matter what “sport” we’re talking about... Home field advantage can literally be a game changer. And stats bear this fact out. Most established teams post a much better winning percentage at home - on their home court or field... compared to games played away or on a neutral site. When a team has a crowd of fanatics (which is where the term “fan” comes from, by the way) cheering them on, they can often outplay their ability. We’ve all witnessed it... to some degree.


Grace! Romans 5:1-8 Luke 15:1-3 & 11-24 A student... in a seminary class... stood to his feet and announced to the professor, “I do not believe in God!” The professor, completely unfazed, asked the student to “describe this God that you don’t believe in?” After the student described a hateful, unloving, and vengeful God, the professor replied, without hesitation: “I don’t believe in that God either. My God is a God of love.” I know... I talk a lot about God’s love for us... and the fact that you and I are deeply, wholly loved by our Maker. God’s Word tells us that His love is both eternal (Psalm 136) and everlasting (Jeremiah 31:3)... and I, for one, don’t think that you and I can talk ab


“Known” Psalm 139:1-6 John 1:43-49 1 Samuel 3:1-10 Names are important. Of course, we all have a name... and most of us put a little thought into the names we give to our children... because we know that names are more that just identification tools used in conversation to distinguish between people. If that’s all names were for, then numbers would do... we would all be known by our Social Security number! But numbers won’t do - because most of us are quick to complain (and rightly so) when we’re treated like a number. Names are personal. They’re not just labels, or identifiers... our names are expressions of who we are. If you say someone’s a “Napoleon” - you’re saying they’re a little

I Wish...

Pentecost Sunday 2019 “I Wish...” Numbers 11:1;16-17;24-29 Acts 2:1-21 “I wish…” I say it all the time, don’t you? “I wish I could be 4-inches taller” (because I’d fit into the world) - or - “I wish I was 20 pounds lighter!” (because I’d fit into my clothes) - or - “I wish I had a nickel for every time someone told me they were coming to church, but never showed up!” (Because I’d be rich!!) Of course, we all make wishes… We tell our children, and our grandchildren, to close their eyes, and “make-a-wish” as they blow-out the candles on the birthday cake! How many of us have tossed a few pennies into a “wishing well?” Or, fought over “wishbones” - or dreamed of a Genie popping out of a

Meaningless? Really!

“Meaningless? Really!” James 4:13-17 Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 Ecclesiastes 2 sounds kinda depressing, to me! All the pleasures of life, all the hard work, all the wealth and material possessions, all the projects and adventures, all of it, “meaningless.” Like chasing after the wind, nothing’s gained, nothing’s accomplished. The KJV says it’s all “vanity” - all of our efforts at making it big, all of our devotion to making money, and building a respectable, well-rounded life... it’s all meaningless. Doesn’t say much for the stuff we spend the majority of our life doing, does it? Let me ask you something this morning: what’s the most valuable thing in your life, the most valuable material possess

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