Peace? John 14:23-29 It’s a little off-the-wall, I know... but did you know: the bathtub was invented in 1850... and the telephone was invented in 1875? So, that means (at least theoretically) if you had been living in 1850 you could’ve sat in the bathtub for 25-years without the telephone ringing! Of course, that’s one kind of peace, isn’t it? Solitude. And we all need moments of solitude from time-to-time, don’t we? Even Jesus sought out the peace that solitude brings... and said that we should find a secluded place, when we pray, where we can be alone with God. You and I know - as followers of Christ... we understand... that there’s a difference between what the world calls “peace” a

Everyone Will Know

Everyone Will Know 1 John 4:16-21 John 13:31-35 Several years ago, a minister heard about another preacher, who’d made it into the World Record Books by preaching the longest sermon ever (the sermon lasted 53 hours, 18 minutes)! The minister knew he never be able to preach that long, or longer, without boring people to death - so he decided to attempt the complete opposite. He decided to preach the world’s shortest sermon. So he thought, and prayed, and pondered what he’d say, in order to make his sermon legitimate... a genuine sermon... in as few words as possible. And when the time came, he pulled out his bible... stepped into the pulpit... and said, one word... “love.” Of course, the

Peace & Presence

Peace and Presence John 20:19-31 Let’s try to imagine... for just a moment... that we’re not here - in this sanctuary, surrounded by stained glass windows - and beautiful light. Of course... that’s not a stretch for many... because every time I start preaching some of you imagine you’re somewhere else! But instead of imagining you’re on the lake... or at the beach... or at home sitting in your Lazy Boy - try to imagine you’re in the room with Jesus’ disciples, after the Cross, after the crucifixion of Jesus. Try to put yourself in their shoes... Try to imagine... it’s the 3rd day after the worst experience, most traumatic experience, of your life. Your hopes have been dashed... all the

Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me? John 21:1-14 John 21:15-19 The Easter Season is my favorite time of the year... and (in the Church) we get to celebrate the Easter Season for 7-weeks... today being the 3rd Sunday of Easter. Of course, if you think back to Holy Week, you can’t help but notice that God’s Word marched us through mountains and valleys... ups and downs... highs and lows. Palm Sunday was a high point... with Hosannas and celebration in the air... crowds lining the street - it was the long awaited arrival of the One who’d redeem Israel. But Thursday is a turning point... the Last Supper (and Jesus’ washing his disciples’ feet) caused the disciples to question things, and wonder what was going on

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