Not Without Effect

“Not Without Effect” 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 “But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect.” I have a question for you this morning? Have you ever been surprised by grace? I mean... honestly, truthfully “taken aback” by grace? By the grace shown to you by another person? Or by God? When you expected to get punched in the nose... backhanded... when you expected wrath... when you expected rejection, condemnation, harshness... BUT... instead, you received kindness, forgiveness, warmth? And it shocked you! It caught you off guard. Have you ever experienced a time when you received Grace... and you didn’t necessarily deserve it? Maybe it was that time you wer

In His Time

In His Time (1/20/19) Ecclesiastes 3:1-11  Galatians 4:4-6 A long time ago... in a galaxy far... far away... when I was a teenager (at least that’s how my children see it)... we had a youth choir that always sang on Sunday nights (during the evening worship service). And one of the songs we learned, and sang, was “In His Time.” I still catch myself singing the words from time-to-time... “In his time, in his time... He makes all things beautiful, in his time. Lord please show me everyday, as you’re teaching me your way, that you do just what you say. In your time.” Our scripture from Ecclesiastes always reminds me of this song!  The writer of Ecclesiastes (who is sometimes called the Teache

Words Matter

Words Matter James 3:1-12 It may reveal our age... but who remembers “Smokey Bear?” Smokey Bear first appeared in 1944 in ads for the U. S. Forest Service... That means, if my math is right, Smokey Bear turns 75 years old, this year! And in 1947 his famous “only you can prevent forest fires” campaign was born. Of course, to this day, the “Smokey Bear campaign” remains one of the most recognizable public service announcements ever conceived... right up there with the “School House Rock” and “The Crying Indian” of Keep America Beautiful... Thanks to Smokey, we all know the damage a forest fire can cause. From the tiniest of sparks an entire forest or whole community can be destroyed. And w

One Thing

One Thing Luke 10:38-42 Whether we’ll admit it or not, most of us see the arrival of the New Year as a chance to start over... to reboot... to make a fresh start. It’s why we sometimes make New Year’s Resolutions. We tell ourselves “this is the year” that we’re finally going to do it... We’re gonna make the commitment! We’re gonna do something different... something good... something meaningful. We’re full of hope and possibility. But what usually happens?  The same ole’ thing, right? I saw a meme on New Years Day that read, “My goal for 2019 is to accomplish the goals of 2018... which I should have completed in 2017... because I promised to do them in 2016... and planned to do them in 2015

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