Do Not Worry?

Do Not Worry? Matthew 16:13-18 1 Peter 3:13-22 For most Christians, prayer is a natural reaction to life. And what I mean by that is... we tend to pray about those things in life that affect us most vividly and intimately; no matter what those things may be. Having served in ministry for three decades now, I’ve had countless people come to me asking for prayer... for family, friends... themselves... for every imaginable reason. And believing in the power of prayer - I’ve prayed! And asked countless others to pray for me, too. I’ve been asked to pray for everything from a young lady who was worried about going to her first high school prom... to parents who were worried about their child

He Done All He Could

He Done All He Could Mark 10:17-27 Luke 14:25-35 I was going through some old notes this past week when I came across a cartoon strip... a “Ziggy” cartoon that I’d first seen some time ago... it shows Ziggy checking off a list on a bulletin board that reads, “things to do today.” The list had only one item, “#1: Procrastinate.” In other words... tend to all the things today that you should have done yesterday! Most of us can identify, can’t we? Sometimes it seems like the only thing we really get accomplished is adding more things to our “to do list.” And sometimes in our Christian life it seems much the same. And reading scripture like our lesson for today, we realize being a Christian an


“Roots” Kirkin’ of the Tartans 2018 Mark 4:2-9 Ephesians 3:14-21 Colossians 2:6-10 (call to worship) Years ago I planted a tree in our backyard... it was an apple tree (probably not the best of choices in a tree for our area and climate). It was never productive... but then, I’ve never been much of arborist. The tree lasted a few years... but the whole time it was determined to lean over. It seemed healthy... the leaves were bright, no disease... it was nicely shaped. It was a pretty little tree! But a good rain... or a stiff wind... would lean the thing over. Of course, I’d prop it up... I’d correct it’s lean using ropes and stakes. But take away the ropes and stakes... and the tree s

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