Gratitude Deuteronomy 26:1-11 Luke 17:11-19 A country preacher decided to skip worship one Sunday morning to spend the day hiking in the wilderness instead. But as he rounded a sharp bend in the trail, he collided with a bear - and was sent tumbling down a steep grade. He landed on a rock and broke his leg. With the ferocious bear charging at him from a distance, the preacher prayed, “O Lord! I’m so sorry for skipping church today. Please forgive me and grant me just one request. Make a Christian out of that bear that’s coming at me!” At that very instant, the bear skidded to a halt, fell to his knees, clasped his paws together and began to pray aloud at the preacher’s feet, “Dear God, pl


Impact Philippians 3:10-14 2 Timothy 3:10-17 We’ve all heard of (and experienced) G-forces before, haven’t we? G-force is basically the energy our body is subjected to, as the result of gravity. In other words, “1-G” is the effect of normal gravity on our body. Just being alive... sitting in a pew... you’re experiencing “1-G.” Of course... scientists who study G-forces tell us that an average sized person - wearing a seatbelt and traveling at only 30 miles per hour - experiences around 30 g’s of force in a front-end collision with a fixed object. That’s 2.4 tons of force acting on the body! What’s worse is that if you DON’T wear a seat belt at the time of the crash... the g-forces jump t

Practical Sacrifice

Practical Sacrifice James 5:13-16 Philippians 2:1-14 God’s Word tells us in Ephesians 5, that, “Christ loved the church, and gave himself up for it...” And in our Lesson from Philippians we’re told that Jesus took on “the very nature of a servant... becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross!” I’ve always been fascinated by such phrases in scripture... and the meaning, the purpose that such words hold for you and me. I mean... I would definitely say that I love the church (and I’m sure you would say the same!). But do I love the church enough to sacrifice everything for it? To “give myself up for it?” or “to become obedient unto death?” - like Jesus did. And just to be clear this

The Basics

The Basics Acts 2:42-47 Vincent Thomas (better known as Vince) Lombardi is a name that’s synonymous with football. He’s best known as being the head coach of the Green Bay Packers back during the 1960s. He was so well thought of... so accomplished... that after his death in 1970 (of cancer) the NFL’s Super Bowl trophy was named in his honor. You may know that Lombardi was fanatical when it came to fundamentals of the game. Those who played under Coach Lombardi often spoke of his intensity, his drive, his endless passion... Time and time again he would come back to the basic techniques of blocking and tackling during practice... even when coaching professional athletes. I was reading recentl


Point University Homily: Matthew 8:23-27 This scripture from the Gospel of Matthew reminds me of an Old Testament story from the book of 1 Samuel, 15th Chapter... where God’s Word tells us: “To OBEY is BETTER than sacrifice.” Israel longed for a KING... so God relented and allowed Samuel to anoint Saul as the King. But Saul was never a good King. In fact, God commanded Saul to obey... to go to battle and completely destroy the Amalekites - the Amalekites had ambushed the Israelites when they were making they’re way up from Egypt... and God’s judgement was that they be destroyed... totally - from the king of the Amalekites to the livestock. Nothing was to be saved. But Saul thought it better,

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