How Great is Our God?

“How Great is Our God?” Psalm 8 Isaiah 6:1-8 Our scripture readings paint quite a picture for us today! Try to imagine yourself in Isaiah’s shoes... as he was commissioned to be God’s instrument, God’s prophet, God’s spokesperson to the people. He experienced a vision... an image of God, and of God’s greatness, that’s as unique as it is powerful. As Isaiah looked up, into the vastness of the temple, and saw God... high & lifted up (exalted, in-other-words)... and seated on a throne. God was so big, so great, that the hem of his robe filled the whole temple! Think about that... Many of you have had the opportunity to visit some of the grand Cathedrals of the faith... like St. Peter’s in Ro

God Helps Those Who...?

“God Helps Those Who...?” Romans 8:22-27 Acts 2:1-21;40-41 How many times have you and I heard, or said, “God helps those who help themselves?” Or how many times have we said... or been told, “It’s my problem. I can handle it. I don’t need any help from anyone!” We’ve all said things like that... and to a certain degree, it’s true! Sometimes God does help those who help themselves... If you’re looking for a job and you pray for God to help you find a job, but you refuse to submit a resume’ or an application, God’s probably not gonna’ help you! And many times it IS my problem, and I need to handle it! But not always... Where did we come-up with the idea that doing everything by ourselves

Hand-Me-Down Faith

Hand-Me-Down Faith (Mother’s Day 2018) John 17:6-19 Have you ever heard of Karl Barth? If you’ve been to seminary you have! Barth was a Swiss Reformed pastor... who just happened to be one of the most prolific theologians of the 20th Century. He’s best known for his theological work called “Church Dogmatics” - a 14-volume commentary that’s over 6 Million words in length (he was a touch wordy!). Compare that to the Bible, which is just over 780,000 words. Don’t worry... my sermon today is only about 1200 words. :) Barth was once asked about his theology, and if he could sum up his understanding of God in one, simple, sentence... and given the “long-winded” nature of Barth, those who heard


Friends? 1 John 5:1-6 John 15:9-17 I think it's fairly safe to say that most of us can probably, rather easily, count on one hand how many real friends we have. I don’t mean acquaintances or people we know... I mean true friends. Good friends. Friends we can count on through thick and thin... good times and bad. Friends we can call on... any time of the day or night... and they'll be there... really be there... to laugh, to listen... to cry... or to post bail! It's been said that a friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a body! LOL! Of course, lots of people strive to be friendly... but few are true friends... I mean, think about it... how many of us have frien

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