Maundy Thursday

A long time ago, the Church declared this day... this night... “Maundy Thursday” - Maundy being a form of the word mandate... as in mandatory... or commandment... something that must be done! And Jesus’ mandate - to his disciples (to you and me) is about as simple, and to the point as you can possibly get: “As I have loved you... so also you MUST love one another.” Comprehending Jesus’ command has never been the problem... it’s the application of his mandate that gives us trouble. Of course, the story of this night, includes a meal with friends, the washing of feet, a call to stay awake and pray... betrayal, violence, fear. It’s a night of unity and division... of coming together and ripping

Extravagant Gifts

Palm Sunday ~ “Extravagant Gifts” John 12:1-8 Matthew 21:1-11 I don’t know about you... but when I get to heaven, there’s definitely someone I wanta meet! You go ahead and swap stories with Mary... or talk theology with Paul. Find Joseph, Abraham, and Noah. I’m sure someone wants to chat with Lydia, or Peter... maybe even Luke and Moses. And don’t you worry... because I’ll get around to finding all those folks, too. But first (right after I see Jesus), I want to meet the guy with the donkey. I can’t tell you his name... I can’t describe what he looks like. In fact, there’s only one thing that I know about him at all: and that’s what he gave. He gave a donkey (a colt) to Jesus on the Su

Choosing Grace

Choosing Grace Ephesians 2:1-10 John 14:1-14 Jim Denison is a Christian author and speaker whose essays and illustration have helped me tremendously through the years. He says that... “We live in a culture that separates everyone into two categories: winners and losers.” For example: just a couple Sunday’s ago there were 122 actors who received Oscar nominations: twenty-four of whom were named winners during the 2018 Academy Awards... which means there were ninety-eight losers. Winners/Losers. Of course, just being nominated is a huge honor, I suppose... because the odds are against you from the start. According to Labor Stats, there are over 249,000 actors and other professionals in the

Living Water

Living Water John 4:1-15 John 4:16-30;39-42 Jesus was busy preaching and teaching in Judea... when it was brought to his attention that the Pharisees were concerned that He (and his disciples) were baptizing more people than John the Baptist! In other words, the Pharisees were in confrontation mode... because Jesus’ ministry was growing, and they felt threatened! So Jesus decided it would be better if he took a “short-cut” home to Galilee, through Samaria. Now I’ve tried to take a few short-cuts in my life... trying to save a few minutes... I’ve ended up on some dirt roads out in the country that all looked exactly alike! And I’ve gotten lost... or ended up in a part of town I wasn’t

Reflecting the Light

Reflecting the Light! John 12:44b-50 Have you ever found yourself stumbling around in your own home... at night... in the dark? Or tripping over your own feet a dark corner of your attic... or basement? Or maybe you’ve tried to walk around in your backyard at night, with no flood-lights turned on... and with no flashlight. If you’re anything like me, you frequently fumble around for your keys at the front door because you forgot to leave the porch light on, and you can’t see the keyhole! Without light it’s hard to function... it’s hard to carry out everyday activities. Light’s important. Something like 80% of our everyday life depends on light... and the ability of our retina to absorb

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