Satisfaction? Ecclesiastes 12:1; 8-14 Meaningless, meaningless; everything is meaningless - or - vanity of vanities; all is vanity. Not the most encouraging way to begin and end a book... but it’s how the Preacher/Teacher from Ecclesiastes does it! He ends where he begins... Of course, meaningless-ness or vanity is his way of expressing the futility of life in a fallen world... In other words, life without God. But... if we’re perfectly honestly... most of us would have to admit, that we all spend a huge chunk of our lives in meaningless pursuits... like... striving to make more money than we need, or worrying about what new t-shirt or tennis shoe or purse is “in style” - or lusting after

You Will Live!

You Will Live! Acts 2:17-21 Ezekiel 37:1-14 It has been said, and I believe... that at any given moment, you can divide a congregation... any congregation... of any size... into thirds. 1. And a third of the congregation is going through a crisis at that very time... that moment. It may be a crisis in their personal life, a crisis regarding their health, their finances, their children, their relationships... it could be a spiritual crisis, a crisis of faith... BUT a third of the congregation is going thru some form of crisis at that moment. 2. Another third of the congregation has recently been through a crisis... and they’re just emerging from it! They’re just beginning to see the ligh

First and Foremost

“First and Foremost” Psalm 115:1-18 James 4:13-17 Even if you’re not a football fan, it was kinda hard to miss the Big Game last Sunday! Super Bowl LII set all kinds of records. If you did watch the game, then you probably know... the Eagles’ and Patriots’ combined offences posted the most yards ever in a Super Bowl! Nick Foles was the first quarterback in the history of the Super Bowl to ever catch a touchdown pass. And it was the first Super Bowl title for Philadelphia, a team that was the underdog in all three of its post-season games. Nick Foles has to be the most famous backup quarterback in the world today. Of course, Foles was called into action when the Eagles’ starting quart

The Grace to Forgive

The Grace to Forgive Matthew 18:21-31 Our lesson for today is “set-up” (it’s predicated) by a simple question from Peter... a question we’ve all asked or considered: “Lord, how many times? How often should I forgive those who sin against me?” It’s a great question, right? It makes us uncomfortable... and it’s unsettling to say the least! But it’s a great question. Peter obviously wanted to be a person who lived his faith... a person who pleased God by his actions and attitude. And he knew (Peter knew) that forgiveness plays a major role in faithfulness. But Peter was still Peter... and assuming he knew the answer already... Peter answered his own question! “How many times should I forgive

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